Bay City News Foundation Supporters

Bay City News Foundation relies on charitable donations to pursue its public service mission. None of this work would be possible without financial support from donors and we thank the dozens of contributors who have backed this cause.

2019: Theresa Martinez, Paul Steinmetz, YooHee Hong, Alan Korman and Christine Chapon, Sue Gilmore, Dawn Garcia, Lindsey Pannell, Kate Bell, Laura Impellizzeri Wakeling, Lisen Stromberg, Lisa Wrenn, Liz Skeels, Terri Mino and John Collins, Alice Louie, Dave Newhouse, D Ross Cameron and Kathleen Kirkwood, Victor Rubin, Miami Foundation on behalf of John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, Lindsey Pannell, Dawn Garcia, Judy Miller, Betty Medsger, Bonnie Rollins, D’vera Cohn, Donna Myrow, Joann Sutro, Mariana Moore, Ari Soglin, Arjay and Frances Miller Foundation, Jonathan Bash, Kaerla Fellows, Sandra Fish, Harriet Swift, Laura Fraser, Sharon Goldfarb, Cherilyn Parsons, Vanessa Blyth-Gaeta, Julia Flynn Siler, John Pollock, Warren Lerude, Jonathan Marshall, Emily Mibach, Carolyn McMillan, Mary Ann Hogan, Jane Isay, Dora Scardina, Dawn Garcia, Kerry Tremain, Merrill Perlman, Kathryn Reiss, Andrew McGall, Amy Resnick, Judy S Miller, Joan Hamilton, Graeme Lee Rowlands, Jack Shea, Kelly McBride, Lynn Yarris, Laird Harrison, Ellen Berkovitch, Jessica Rettig, Marilyn McEntyre, Susan Ito, Randy McMullen, Carol Brydolf, Nancy Day, Michael Mayer, Fara Warner, Linda Kramer Jenning, Peter Suczek, Judy Irving, Peggy Spear Ucciferri, Sarah Pollock, Katherine Ann Rowlands, Carolyn Purcell, Frederic Filloux, Rebecca Parr, Loella Haskew, Wayne Futak, Anita Todd, Joann Sutro, Laura Chick, Doug Wheeler and Peggy Stein, Colleen Edwards, PolicyLink, Shelia Solomon, Eric Newton, Leila Gough, Gwenn Lennox, Dave Newhouse, Pete and Joanne Carey, Hogan-Newton Fund, Carolyn McMillan, Shirley Wheatland, Kate Bell, Graeme Lee Rowlands, Lauren Bonney, Rob Merker, Sarah Pollock, Julia Love, Lindsay Green-Barber, Ken Garcia, Mark and Connie McComb, Leslie Zimmerman, Nancy Philippine, Annie Steuart, Don Buchholz, Martha Sellers, Linda Tafur, Petra Schafer, Chris Treadway, Chris De Benedetti, Jessica Gyunn, Danny Willis, Vlae Kershner, Leslie Katz, Ken Miller, Nina Zacuto, Rose Grymes, Jeremy Liu, Carol Melamed, Dan Gillmor, Wayne and Lyn Futak, Alice Crane, Joceyln Larkin, Kate Bell, Cecily Burt, Carol High, Elaine Lo and Bernard Yu, Iona Cheng, Corwin and Margaret Booth, Sue Gilmore, Lindsey Pannell, Chris Holmes, Dawn Garcia, Daniel Rosenheim, Jean Sexton, Annie Eisenberg, Jeff Schwartz, Peggy Simpson, Carolyn McMillan, Lou Hansen, Neil Chase, Duffy Carolan, Rita Williams, Roland Rebele, Anderson Family, Gary and Kristin Gilger, Kristy Roschke, Stacy deCarion, Lindsay Green-Barber, Jo Stanley, Joann Sutro, Ann Eisenberg, Holly Hanke, Julia Bernstein, Elizabeth Weise, Ross Cameron and Kathleen Kirkwood, Beatrice Motamedi, Amy Resnick, Lakshmi Eassey, Jeff Schwartz, Paula Hamilton, Ann Grimes, Rita Beamish ~~~~ 2018: Arjay and Frances Miller Foundation, Dawn Garcia, Sue Gilmore, Chris Dolce, Martha Sellers, Sarah Pollock, Corwin Booth, Duffy Carolan, Mary Prisco, Sam Singer, Kate Bell, Rachele Kanigel, Margaret Rowlands, Katherine Rowlands, Sheila Solomon, Peggy Simpson, Julia Kagan Baumann, Rob and Beverly Merker, Marcia Parker and Bob Porterfield, Jim Bettinger, Graeme Lee Rowlands, Rebecca Rosen Lum, Jeffrey Schwartz, Bonnie Rollins, Gina Gotsill, Randy McMullen, Sarah Pollock, Merrill Perlman, Bruce Gerstman, Jeremy Hay, Lisa Reynolds, Carolyn McMillan, Sara Hare, Connemara Fund, Elaine and Hedrick Hooker Jackson, Victor Rubin, Leslie Katz, Faith and Tom Barnidge, Holly Hanke, Pete Carey, Rowland and Pat Rebele, Nina Zacuto, Wente Foundation, Solutions Journalism Network Grant, Mark and Connie McComb, Hilary Sloane, Benjamin Pimentel, Meg Waite Clayton, Julie Absey and Roy Allen, Julia Love, Amy Pyle, Chuck Todd, Mary Ireland, Cindy and Edward Miller, Carolyn and Karl Johnston ~~~~

Wise Women Council

Every organization needs a network of advisors who can provide feedback, guidance and support. Here are a few wise women who are helping.

Ellen Berkovitch
Journalism Entrepreneur and Documentarian 

Heather Bryant
Founder, Project Facet and 2017 JSK Fellow at Stanford

Kim Bui
Director of Audience Innovation, The Arizona Republic

Marcy Burstiner
Humboldt State University Journalism 

Duffy Carolan
Media law attorney

Vera Chan
Chief Journalist/Content Strategist at Bing News

Nancy Colasurdo
Writer, Life Coach, Teaching Artist

Daisy Contreras
Statehouse Reporter at NPR Illinois

Emily Costello
Deputy Editor, The Conversation US

Tammerlin Drummond
Former Oakland columnist and 2014 Nieman Fellow at Harvard

Dawn Garcia
Director, JSK Fellowships at Stanford

Jill Geisler
Bill Plante Chair in Leadership & Media Integrity, Loyola University Chicago and Newseum Institute Fellow in Women’s Leadership

Barbara Glickstein
Public Health Nurse and Health Reporter

Ann Grimes
Brown Institute for Media Innovation at Stanford

Jareen Imam
Director of Social Newsgathering, NBC News

S. Mitra Kalita
VP Programming, CNN

Stacey Kennelly
Content Strategist

Danielle Kosecki
Multimedia Journalist

Mira Lowe
Assistant Dean for Student Experiences, University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications, and Director of the Innovation News Center

Julie Makinen
Executive Editor of Palm Springs Desert Sun and 2017 JSK Fellow at Stanford

Susan Mernit
Founder, Oakland Local and Hack the Hood

Beatrice Motamedi
Managing Director, Newsroom by the Bay at Stanford University

Carla Murphy
Writer, Immigrant

Donna Myrow
Publisher, L.A. Youth, a newspaper by and about teens

Marcia Parker
Publisher, CALmatters

Sylvia Paull
Strategist, Publicist, Networker

Sarah Pollock
Mills College Journalism Professor Emerita

Carolyn Purcell
News & Local Content Strategy, Verizon/Fios1 News Networks

Jesikah Maria Ross
Senior Community Engagement Strategist, Capitol Public Radio

Alejandra Saragoza
Senior Content Manager,

Angilee Shah
Journalist, Editor, Teacher

Sheila Solomon
Democracy Fund and Rivet Radio

Joann Sutro
Former News Editor, Bay City News

Pamela Turntine
Metro News Curator, Bay Area News Group