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Wise Women Council

Every organization needs a network of advisors who can provide feedback, guidance and support. Here are a few wise women who are helping.

Heather Bryant
Founder, Project Facet and 2017 JSK Fellow at Stanford

Marcy Burstiner
Humboldt State University Journalism 

Duffy Carolan
Media law attorney

Vera Chan
Chief Journalist/Content Strategist at Bing News

Tammerlin Drummond
Former Oakland columnist and 2014 Nieman Fellow at Harvard

Dawn Garcia
Director, JSK Fellowships at Stanford

Jill Geisler
Bill Plante Chair in Leadership & Media Integrity, Loyola University Chicago and Newseum Institute Fellow in Women’s Leadership

Ann Grimes
Brown Institute for Media Innovation at Stanford

S. Mitra Kalita
VP Programming, CNN

Stacey Kennelly
Content Strategist

Julie Makinen
Executive Editor of Palm Springs Desert Sun and 2017 JSK Fellow at Stanford

Susan Mernit
Founder, Oakland Local and Hack the Hood

Donna Myrow
Publisher, L.A. Youth, a newspaper by and about teens

Marcia Parker
Publisher, CALmatters

Sylvia Paull
Strategist, Publicist, Networker

Sarah Pollock
Mills College Journalism Professor Emerita

Alejandra Saragoza
Managing Editor, Diablo Magazine

Sheila Solomon
Democracy Fund and Rivet Radio

Joann Sutro
Former News Editor, Bay City News

Pamela Turntine
Metro News Curator, Bay Area News Group

Yumi Wilson
President, Journalism & Women Symposium