Support Local News

Bay City News Foundation serves the San Francisco Bay Area and is backed by charitable donations from contributors who care about local news, a free press, democratic values and an informed citizenry.

Through, the foundation delivers timely and trustworthy news about the San Francisco Bay Area to serve the community.

Our Mission

Bay City News Foundation works in several ways to support local journalism. We target geographic and topical news deserts. We collaborate with other media. We work with journalism schools to train the next generation of reporters. We experiment with technology.

We work with individual and institutional donors to fund projects aimed at:

Providing basic on-the-ground local news reporting and filling the geographic and topical gaps left by contracting legacy media companies. You can find many of these stories about Bay Area news, arts and culture, demographic trends and history at

Building partnerships with other media on journalism projects. We are working with Solutions Journalism Network, SF Senior Beat, CALmatters, USC Annenberg Center for Health Journalism and others to amplify good and important work.

Testing new technology to gather and distribute news in the way consumers want to get it. We are collaborating with entrepreneurs from the JSK Journalism Fellowship program at Stanford University, including Project Facet, to test new products.

Supporting the next generation of journalists with internships and training. We are working with San Francisco State, San Jose State, UC Berkeley, Newsroom by the Bay at Stanford University and others to train and mentor students so they have a professional path toward journalism jobs.

How Your Donation

Makes A Difference

Bay City News Foundation has the potential to fill significant gaps in coverage that are appearing as the result of legacy media companies contracting. Without this service, many stories about local government, courts and cops, breaking news, and core issues like transportation, education and the environment would go unreported and the citizenry would be uninformed about the most important issues facing their communities. Your donation will help us tell more of those stories.